MAZDA 3 2015


FOR MAZDA 3 2015



7"/16:9 LED HD Capacitance display with touchscreen (1024 x 800 resolution)

Digital Radio Tuner with RDS Function

Integrated Bluetooth module, support A2DP(play music from mobile via car audio)

Video Playback:Support upto 1920x1280p

USB,iPod,SD,TV,Disc play menu integration

Mirrorlink Function For (ANDROID & IPHONE)



High-quality 16:9 LED HD Capacitance display with touchscreen (1024 x 800 resolution)

Phone mirrorlink
Two way control mirrorlink for ANDROID Phone
One way Control mirrorlink for Iphone

Digital Radio Tuner RDS
Tuning Range: 87.5 - 108.0 MHz
Mono Usable Sensitivity: 8.1 dBf (0.7 uV / 75 ohms)
Alternate Channel Selectivity: 80.0 dB
Signal-to-Noise (S/N) Ratio: 65.0 dB
Stereo Separation: 35.0 dB
Capture Ratio: 2.0 dB

MW Tuner
Tuning Range: 531-1,602 kHz
Usable Sensitivity (IEC Standard): 25.1/28.0 (uV/dBf)

Build-IN GPS 256MB Ram
Received Frequency: 1.57542 +-1.023MHz
Receiving Sensitivity: -130 dBm

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V2.0
Output Power: +4 dBm Max. (Power class 2)
HFP (Hands Free Profile)
HSP (Head Set Profile)

Connection for USB
USB Requirements: USB 2.0
Max. Power Consumption: 1000 mA
USB Class: Mass Storage, Play from device
File System: FAT 32 / EXFAT
Number of Channels: 2-Channel (Stereo)
Frequency Response: 5-20 kHz +-1 dB (Frequency Response may differ depending on the encoder software/bit rate)
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.008% (at 1 kHz)
Dynamic Range: 95 dB (at 1 kHz)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100 dB
Channel Separation: 85 dB (at 1 kHz)

Disc Player
Frequency Response: 20Hz~27Hz +-2 dB
Channel Separation (1kHz): 65 dB
Dynamic Range (1kHz): 85 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.01% (at 1 kHz)
Wow & Flutter (%WRMS): B.M.L.
Audio Signal-to-Noise (S/N): 100 dB
Horizontal Resolution: 500 lines or greater
Video Output Level: 1 Vp-p (75 ohms)
Video Signal-to-Noise (S/N): DVD: 60 dB

Sound Tuning
45W(RMS) x 4 Mosfet High Power output
Subwoofer Level Adjustment: 0 to 20
loud Level Adjustment:0 to 20
10 bands EQ DSP effect

TV:PAL/BG colour system

VMCD Support up to 30Disc Record